The TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) is a test that is conducted for the students of non-English speaking nations (ESL countries) to check their proficiency in the English language and Voxcel is the most preferred TOEFL Coaching Institute in Ludhiana. We are also an official partner of TOEFL-IBT. This qualifies us to offer world-class TOEFL education and helping our students to score their perfect 120 in their test.

Usually, students take this exam to take admission in the universities or colleges located in English-speaking countries, mainly the USA. Currently, the test is accepted by 11000+ education insitutions around the globe, making it the world’s biggest English language test. Since there’s a difference between IELTS and TOEFL tests, our TOEFL labs are designed to provide exam like experience. We cater every need of our studens and teach them every little thing regarding the exam.

Everyday, we conduct thorough sessions on different modules and conduct weekly tests to track the progress. Extra attention and time are given to the weak candidates

TOEFL Coaching Facts

The importance and reputation of TOEFL is par excellence. It tests the English skills of the applicants. Due to this, the demand for professional coaching for the exam has gained its popularity in North India. The main aim of this test is to check the candidate’s English proficiency level.  Candidates usually face difficulties in the speaking and listening section, due to their non-English background. These sections require an appropriate and correct usage of the English language. The students, who are preparing for it, can score good marks with the help and guidance of our staff and can get admission in their dream university in the U.S.

Preparation without Training

The candidate is required to have a certain approach towards each section of the exam. The main reasons students fail to score the required number in the test is due to its complicated nature. Another reason is that it is an internet-based test, so speed and accuracy can only be achieved by constant practice and tips. The test’s aim is to check the proficiency of the candidates; hence, the expected level of the test is high.

And that’s where a proper guidance comes in handy for the candidates. Although candidates can get all sort of materials, online tutorials, and other necessary stuff on the internet, to crack the exams these alone are not sufficient enough. Taking TOEFL classes will enable them to learn in an active environment, which in turn, will help them to build their confidence.

 Preparation with Training

If you are looking to get in your favorite university or college through this test, you will need an assistant in order to achieve your dreams. Sometimes you may be able to get good marks, but without the proper knowledge of the English language, it is practically of no use. As you not only need to pass the test, but you will also need the language to communicate with other people on the daily basis. So it is better for a person to get their concepts clear of the language early on than to face difficulties later.

Who takes the exam and Why?

Practically everyone who belongs to the non-English speaking nation and wants to continue their higher academic studies in EFL (English as a Foreign language) countries writes this test. Students above 11th grade are eligible to take this test as it considered too difficult for students below 11th grade. For many universities and colleges, this exam is a requirement to access as one of the eligibility criteria of a student. Some universities even use test scores to grant the scholarships to the students of non-English speaking background. Usually, a candidate can get his/her TOEFL test results online around 6 days after the completion of the test. Printed scores, however, are delivered to the recipients address within 11 days.

 Join TOEFL Classes in Ludhiana 

We have every asset that a student needs to get good score in the test along with prioritizing their confidence in the language area. Clarification with the concepts are involved and practicing more to improve each day is the prime concern in our TOEFL classes. 




Approximate time


3-4 passages, each containing 10 questions

54-72 minutes


5-7 passages, each containing 5-6 questions

41-57 minutes


Mandatory break

10 minutes


4 tasks

17 minutes


2 tasks

50 minutes

One of the sections of the test includes extra, uncounted material. FOR Educational Testing Service includes extra material to assess test questions for future test forms.