Voxcel is a portmanteau of ‘Vox’ and ‘Excel’, which means ‘Sounds Good’. Voxcel was incorporated to connect with the people looking to migrate overseas. The company started its operations in the year 2013 through Spoken English classes and IELTS coaching in Ludhiana.

Since its inception, Voxcel has never looked back. We are connecting and helping students to achieve their dreams through our excellent English language coaching. During the process, we got encouraged to enter into the Travel and Immigration World. Voxcel is now actively working to assist people with their Traveling/Immigration needs.

Voxcel Group is currently divided into two subsidiaries: ‘Voxcel Education’ and ‘Voxcel Travel’.

Official Logo of Voxcel Education

The core focus of Voxcel Education is to impart world-class education (mainly English related courses such as IELTS) to the students. Our education process is very streamlined and we prioritize on gaining experiential knowledge for the brighter future of our students. When the founders Varun Goyal and Piysuh Goyal sensed that quality IELTS education was need of the hour, they started Voxcel to help students and with year, the growth happened and students from across Punjab came finding them for the IELTS coaching. 

Since education is very important to make a successful career, we are completely devoted to excel in teaching and postulate different activities to bridge the gap between a teacher and student, which will have a magnified positive impact on the student’s life.

With a persisting dedication towards excellence, we have created an ambience that offers countless spectrums to grow and also helps the students to ‘Be the Light’. The mantra IELTS = VISA” always inspire students to work hard on their exam and it keeps them inspired. Such mantra is incribed all our modules and books so students are constantly reminded what they are looking for. 

Voxcel also offers Study visa Services to the students. We have the best study options for all countries and we evaluate the profiles based on the academics, IELTS scores, students’ interests’ etcetera. We believe in course relevancy that further opens many doors for students and can help them to find their hidden talents. 

our immigration mantra Voxcel = Visa” speaks volumes. We are committed to secure Study Visa for our students and are very transperent as we want nothing but the best. Our highly qualified helps you to secure that with great study abroad experience, which will connect the dots for a comfortable life.

Official Logo of Voxcel Travel

Voxcel travel is completely focused on Travel and Immigration. Our prime goal is to scale the business opportunities while serving the clients in the best possible way. The company believes in complete transparency.

We create customized travel packages at the best possible prices. Our chosen tourist destinations, handpicked hotels and delicacies make our itinerary bespoke. Our immigration lawyers assist people to immigrate to their dream countries without any false hopes and unfilled promises. This makes Voxcel a very trusted place among the clients. The company follows certain principles and adheres to the formulated policy that keeps us ahead of the rivals and helps us to serve the people in a better way. Professionals working with Voxcel are etched with integrity, ambition, and passion for the industry.

Don’t forget TRAVEL = ADVENTURE and travel is all about experiencing life.

Our Mission and Vision – 

The managing team is best at overseeing and diversifying both the divisions of Voxcel Group and don’t let one affect the other. Although both are interconnected, yet both have different criteria of functioning and policy to sustain the growth and development of the company and people associated with them.

‘Voxcel Group’ has chosen its team very carefully and follows a strict recruitment process for the best results possible. With detailed attention, we value-oriented approach and advocates complete business transparency. We have a team of excellent teachers and immigration/travel consultants in India and globally, and we are continuously extending the horizons and connecting with people from different domains to help them in education or travel/immigration.